In this video, Dr. J.V. Fesko describes the vital role that covenants play in the Scriptures.

Covenants play a vital role in the Scriptures. There’s a sense in which we can say that God does not speak to us apart from His covenants. Everywhere you look in the Scriptures, you find covenants, whether it’s the covenant that God made with Adam in the very beginning of the creation, or in the Noahic covenant, or in the Abrahamic covenant, or in the Davidic covenant, or now, of course, we, as the beneficiaries of the new covenant.

But what we can say God encapsulates in His covenantal dealings is that they ultimately constitute His promises to us. And in His promises to us, He is always faithful to His Word. And those faithful promises become manifest chiefly in Christ. As the Apostle Paul says, all of God’s promises are “ye and amen” in Him, so that when we look to God’s covenants, we know that He is going to keep His Word, and not only will He keep His Word, but He will always bring all of His promises to fruition so that we can have peace and assurance that God’s Word is certain and true.

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