In this video, Tim Challies provides counsel on how a Christian can use social media for God's glory.

Social media can be a great blessing to people. There’s lots of ways we can use it well. Of course, there’s lots of ways we can use it poorly as well. So, I really want to encourage people to use it thoughtfully, to develop good ways of sharing good content. And I think that can be sharing things that are genuinely encouraging and helpful. I think that can be not sharing stuff that’s trite or sinful. And so, if your social media presence is only sharing things that are really valueless, that are just light entertainment, I would say, well, maybe you have the opportunity to communicate at least some things that are more significant and more weighty and more beneficial to people. On the other hand, you’ve got to be very careful that you’re avoiding sharing things that are sinful, things that are gossipy. Information moves so, so quickly on the internet and particularly through social media.

It’s important to be thoughtful. It’s important to think carefully about what you’re posting and what the ramifications could be. It’s painful to see gossip shoot around the internet at such a brisk pace because people are sharing it thoughtlessly, people are sharing it without properly evaluating it. And so, we can use social media well just like, over time, Christians have learned how to use every medium well. Christians learn to use every medium to carry out our mission here on earth. The same is true of social media, but we are in the time now where we are learning how to do that, learning how to do it well. So, the challenge for our day, for our generation, is how will we use social media to do good to others and bring glory to God?

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