In this video, Tim Challies describes how the church can benefit from blogs.

I think blogs can be very beneficial to the church. What is a blog, really, but just a place to put writing? So it’s a new form of an old thing. It’s a new form of communication, a new medium for communication, and so, of course, it can be used well or can be used poorly.

I think the church benefits from blogs in a couple of ways. First, it gives a voice to people who otherwise may not be able to have one. Not everybody has a platform or a readership that would allow them to have a book deal or would allow them to write for a magazine. But anybody can start a blog. And they can share there what they’ve been learning or share what their passion is. And so, it allows people to have a voice who otherwise would not.

And then it allows an immediacy instead of having to go through a long editorial process and a long publishing process. Things can be said quite quickly. We can respond quickly to things that have happened or things that are happening. Of course, there’s danger there as well, where immediacy can just communicate our depravity in poor ways.

I think blogs are very beneficial or can be very beneficial to the church. And I hope Christians will continue to explore it as a medium.

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