In this video, Dr. J.V. Fesko describes how the Ten Commandments are still relevant for the Christian today.

Are the Ten Commandments still relevant for the Christian today, and if so, how are they relevant? Well, one of the things we should recognize is that when God created us as human beings, He wrote His law upon our hearts. The Apostle Paul, for example, says, in Romans 2:14–15, that He has written the works of the law upon all of our hearts. And so, in addition to that, God has also given His Ten Commandments to the people of Israel and the Old Testament. And we see that in Exodus 20, as well as in Deuteronomy 5.

But as a result of the fall, because sin not only affects our minds, but it also, in a sense, somewhat clouds and obscures that knowledge, in redemption, God renews the writing of the law upon our hearts through the sovereign work of the Spirit, as He renews us in the image of Christ. And so in that sense, as we look upon the law in the Old Testament, we know that we have a summary of God’s will for our lives and how it is that He desires for us to live.

And so, in that sense, though we want to say that Christ has fulfilled every jot and tittle of the law on our behalf, and we receive that perfect law keeping through faith, at the same time, what we know in the law is the type of conduct that is good, acceptable, and pleasing to Him. And so, as we look in the law in the Old Testament, we can see the things that are pleasing to God. And so therefore, Christians can live in a manner that is not only pleasing to God but is ultimately befitting of who we are in Christ.

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