Everyone’s a Theologian by R.C. Sproul

Theology is the knowledge of God, and since everyone is called to know God, everyone is called to do theology (John 17:3). In fact, all of us start to do theology once we begin thinking about God. We are all theologians; the only question is whether we will be good theologians or poor theologians. This introduction to systematic theology by Dr. R.C. Sproul equips readers to be good theologians who are faithful to the Bible’s teaching about God and His ways.

Jesus Made in America by Stephen J. Nichols

Common views about Jesus in the United States are often shaped more by American culture than by the Bible. It has been this way since the start of the nation. This book traces the history of American depictions of Jesus, exploring how they have frequently been at odds with the Scriptures.

The History of Christian Doctrines by Louis Berkhof

Throughout the history of the church, the people of God have labored to understand what God has revealed about Himself in His Word. This book provides a historical survey of what the church has learned about God from His Word, looking at the development of theology throughout history.

The Courage to Be Protestant by David F. Wells

Sadly, many Protestants today are Protestant in name only, having abandoned the Reformers’ high view of doctrine for the sake of cultural relevance. This important work calls us to return to Protestant distinctives for the sake of discipleship and a coherent Christian witness to the culture.

Stand Firm by John MacArthur

This new book considers what Scripture says about the Christian life and our relationship to the culture. It is a helpful guide for serving God faithfully as we endeavor to learn about Him and follow His ways.

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